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Academic Enrolment 

Our Academic Induction programme is compulsory for all new students and is designed to introduce you to your course manager and give you an opportunity to meet other students on your course.

Please see below the Induction Week timings for new First Year students, to start week commencing Monday 14th September.  Our induction days are in-person and will take place on the Main Campus on Lordships Road. The day will start at 10am (arrival from 9.15 am) and will finish around 5pm.

If you are a residential student, you may go straight to the your assigned base induction room (please see link to the base room document here) - If you live off campus, please come to the front of the main building and you will be taken to your induction base room.


All new students will be on campus for 1 or 2 full days depending on the course programme and bespoke tours required.  (Please note that Equine, Veterinary Physiotherapy and Animal Therapy has a two day induction).

For your induction day, please bring your laptop, pens/notepad and a packed lunch as the day will be busy and there may not be time to purchase from one of the food outlets.  Subject specific equipment lists can be found here (however these items are not necessary for the Induction Day(s)

Returning students will have their academic inductions wc. 21st September. These will be held online. You will be contacted via your WUC email about these



School of Sustainable Environments and Design

Monday 14th September  10am (arrival from 9.30am)

  • Agriculture

  • Art and the Environment

  • Horticulture


School of Animal and Human Science


Monday 14th September  10am (arrival from 9.30am)

  • Animal Management/Science

  • Sport Science



School of Equine and Veterinary Physiotherapy

Monday 14th September 10am (arrival from 9.30am)

  • Canine Therapy


Tuesday 15th September and Thursday 17th September (2 days) 10am (arrival from 9.30am)

  • Equine (all schemes)

  • Veterinary Physiotherapy

  • Animal Therapy

Postgraduate Programmes 

Friday 11th September (This will be Online)

  • MSc Veterinary Physiotherapy 

Friday 18th September 10.30am to 3.30pm (arrival from 9.30am)

  • MSc Postgraduate courses - All Subjects excluding Veterinary Physiotherapy

What to bring...






Packed Lunch

Bag - to store equipment!