Residential Student Support Team

(Emergency and out of hours only)


Welcome to living on campus!

We are so glad you chose to live here with us on our fabulous campus in our lovely village. As a resident, you get access to 24 hours support. During the day you have access to the usual support services at WUC, but outside of office hours we have a team of people here to support you; they are the Residential Student Support Officers (RSSOs), Residential Assistants (RAs) and the Hall Reps (HRs). We work closely with Accommodation, the SU and we are an extension of the Wellbeing Team; the team is non-judgmental and here to help, we work on a rota basis so may not always be on duty but feel free to say hi in passing.


The RSSOs are based in the HE Hub and work through the night offering 1:1 support, putting on events and being there to support you in other ways e.g. minibuses to the local supermarket, facilitating Canine Concern sessions (COVID guidance permitting) or just if you want a break from work and fancy a chat. They are friendly and approachable and want to help so if you need to, please reach out. They are available throughout the night.


The RAs live on-site, are a mixture of staff and students and are here to help in emergencies e.g. fire alarms, first aid, if you get locked out, or if your neighbour is being too noisy in the wee hours of the morning. They work alongside the RSSO and are available from 5:15pm until midnight (weekdays) and throughout the day at weekends/BHs. They are also here should you need to talk, so again, please reach out if you or a friend need to.


The HRs are students living in halls and are here to help your voice be heard. They have Facebook and WhatsApp groups for each hall and if you have issues or concerns they can signpost you to where you can get help. They also attend groups on your behalf; please attend the hall meetings so your views can be taken forward and addressed.


As a resident, you are asked to complete an online induction so please use your WUC ID details and log into the Moodle page to complete it. Find the induction here (link to follow).

We look forward to meeting you!

Each hall also has a Hall Representative living alongside you in residence (usually a 2nd or 3rd year student) who will help you settle into halls and guide and advise you over the first few weeks. They will also be able to help answer any queries you have to help you get the best out of living on campus.


WUC doesn’t offer a 24/7 arrival service. Please make every effort to arrive on the date and between the times shown. If this is not possible due to exceptional

circumstances, contact the

Accommodation Office in advance. Arrivals cannot be accepted between 11pm and 8am. If your arrival is likely to be during this time period, we recommend you make alternative accommodation arrangements and arrive at campus the next day. Please be aware that on-site eating areas will be closed out-of-hours.


We have a dedicated team of support staff on-site to support our residential students. The Residential Student Support Officers (RSSO) work through the night to help you with any problems you may have and offer pastoral support. The Residential Assistants (RA) will be around to assist you if you are locked out or have other emergencies. The RSSO is based in the HE Hub between 6pm and 6am.


Students also have a responsibility to report anyone or anything that they feel is a health and safety risk. Reports should be made to the Health and Safety Officer

H& or another staff member immediately. If out of hours, please inform the Duty Resiential Assitant on 07880 557796.


We hope our halls of residence will become your new home-awayfrom-home. . Members of staff and Freshers’ Angels will be on hand, to help your big move go as smoothly as possible.  Moving in day can be busy so we ask you to drive carefully and slowly around the campus to the student car park.


There is a swipe door access system to all main campus entrance doors, including Halls of Residence. Please do not leave front doors or corridor doors wedged open or allow food delivery or other delivery people to enter the Halls. Instead, please arrange to collect any deliveries at the Hall entrance. Don’t leave money or credit cards lying around; all bedrooms have a safe. Be vigilant and report any suspicious activity or people to a member of staff.



Tracey Coop
Tracey Coop.PNG

Senior Warden 

Lives in Strutt House 

Based in L28 ext. 25728

Tracey Coop.PNG

"Hi I am Tracey Coop, the Senior Warden. During the day, I sit in the Wellbeing Team and I manage the Residential Student Support Team (RSST) who work in the evenings and weekends. I live on campus and have two ginger dogs who you may see wandering about with me, so do come and say hi if you see us.

Caroline Farr

Deputy Senior Warden 

Strutt Warden

Lives in Strutt Flat


"Hi am Caroline Farr, the Deputy Senior Warden, I work alongside Tracey to manage the RSST and during the day I am a Lecturer in Equine. I live in Strutt and you may see me around campus with my little Jack Russell, Roxy in tow.

Hannah Kent
Hannah K (003).jpg

Harvey Warden 

Lives in Harvey 2 House 

"Hi I am Hannah Kent. I am an Animal Care course manager by day and a Residential Assistant by night, I live in the Harvey 2 flat and you may see me walking my two little dogs round site.


Hamilton Warden 

Lives in Hamilton Flat 1 

"Hi I am Esme Hills, a third year Animal Science undergraduate living in the Hamilton 1 flat. This is my second year as a Residential Assistant so I am looking forward to meeting you all.

Food Photography

Gill Warden 

Lives in Gill Flat

Danielle Westall

"Hi, I am Danielle, I live in the Gill flat and I'm an Equine student as well. if i can be of any help to anyone at all, please do not hesitate to get in touch or come and speak around campus"

Dr. Hannah Scott Browne

Madison Warden 

Lives in Strutt North Flat

"Hi, I am Hi I am Dr Hannah Scott-Browne. I have been a Residential Assistant for a number of years now and I also live in Strutt. My PhD research was in beef production and I am now a lecturer in Agriculture. "


Residential Assistant

Lives in Dent Flat

Terry Cross

"Hi, I am Terry, I work in the IT department and support the College’s IT Infrastructure (Network, Wireless, Door Access, CCTV, Backups among other things). I have worked at the College for 16 years supporting Staff and Students, and look forward to Supporting you as a College Residential Assistant."



garry (002).jpg

Gill Warden 

Lives in Gill Flat

Garry Urwin
Lisa Herrett

Tabor Warden 

Residential Student Support Officers (RSSO)



Hamilton Hall Rep

Briony Balcombe

"Hi, I’m Briony Balcombe a third year Animal Science student who wishes to go onto study veterinary medicine. I love working with livestock, especially cows and have a passion for showing cattle! I do a lot of volunteering in my spare time, where I work with children and animals!"

Tabor Hall Rep

Klara Kratz

“Hi I’m Klara,  I am an Irish student starting my second year here at Writtle. I am a very active individual and love animals and the outdoors. I study Equine Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation. There’s approximately 25 girls in my course, making it a relaxed and easy learning environment. I am an easy going and approachable individual so do not hesitate to get in touch with me for any assistance. “

Red Lipstick

Harvey Hall Rep

Joshua Griffiths

"Hi, I’m Joshua Griffiths

Red Lipstick

Gill Warden 

Lives in Gill Flat

Ellen Wright

"Hi, I’m Ellen Wright"

Red Lipstick

Maddison Hall Rep

Gayle Wiggall

"Hi my name is Gayle and I come from sunny Gloucestershire!! I am a fourth year Veterinary Physiotherapy student and returning to halls for my final year.  You can find me in Strutt halls, which is where I started my journey as a student at Writtle, and thought it was the best place to be to finish my final year.  I am mum to a crazy Staffordshire Bull Terrier named Skye and a rather tubby retired horse called Piglet.  I spend as much time outdoors as I can, however I do love a cosy duvet day! 


I am the student hall rep for strutt so if you have any questions of problems dont hesitate to contact me! 


Welcome to Writtle and let's have some fun!"

Red Lipstick

Strutt Hall Rep

Danielle Westall

"Hi, I’m Danielle Westall


Maddison Hall Rep

Philippa Stonehouse

"Hiya, I'm Philippa, I'm a fourth-year student here at Writtle and the hall rep for the Maddison blocks. I'm studying here from overseas, so I completely understand how it feels moving away from home and I'm looking forward to helping you settle in. I'm always more than happy for you to grab me for a chat, whether something is worrying you on your course, with social life or if you just want a good yarn - my door is always open. See you around!​"

Red Lipstick

Gill Warden 

Lives in Gill Flat

Amelia Sutcliffe

"Hi, I’m Amelia Sutcliffe