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Residential Student Support Team

(Emergency and out of hours only)

The Hall Reps are a team of senior students who live in halls and are here to ensure you have a good halls experience. They are part of the Student Union and work closely with both the Wellbeing and Accommodation Teams to signpost you to support, put on community events and elevate your voice at regular meetings with key WUC staff. They work as a team and are spread out through campus so be sure to join the halls groups/chats and get to know your hall rep and neighbours (your hall rep may not live in your hall but you will be able to contact them via the chats)! The Hall reps will hold regular meetings with your to gain your views/opinions on Residential Life and will take these to meetings with key stakeholders on your behalf so be sure to attend and let them know your opinions and ideas to make sure you have the best time!


WUC doesn’t offer a 24/7 arrival service. Please make every effort to arrive on the date and between the times shown. If this is not possible due to exceptional
circumstances, contact the
Accommodation Office in advance. Arrivals cannot be accepted between 11pm and 8am. If your arrival is likely to be during this time period, we recommend you make alternative accommodation arrangements and arrive at campus the next day. Please be aware that on-site eating areas will be closed out-of-hours.


We have a team of Residential Student Support Officers, or RSSOs, that work out of hours to support your wellbeing. They are here to listen and, as appropriate, will signpost you to various specialist support services both at WUC (e.g. Counselling, Accommodation or the Quality Office) and externally (e.g. your GP, Mental Health Services, groups and agencies that may be of interest in the local area).
The RSSOs work closely with the Wellbeing Team and the Student Union to put on events and also run a weekly shopping trip which can be booked via the Residential Student Support Page on Moodle.
If you need to book an appointment you can refer yourself into the RSSO and Wellbeing Services via the portal on the Residential Student Support Page on Moodle.

Welcome to living on campus!

We are so glad you chose to live here with us on our fabulous campus in our lovely village. As a resident, you get access to 24 hours support. During the day you have access to the usual support services at WUC, but outside of office hours we have a team of people here to support you; they are the Residential Student Support Officers (RSSOs), Residential Assistants (RAs) and the Hall Reps (HRs). We work closely with Accommodation, the SU and we are an extension of the Wellbeing Team; the team is non-judgmental and here to help, we work on a rota basis so may not always be on duty but feel free to say hi in passing.

As a resident, you are asked to complete an online induction so please use your WUC ID details and log into the Moodle page to complete it. Find the induction here

We look forward to meeting you!

Students also have a responsibility to report anyone or anything that they feel is a health and safety risk. Reports should be made to the Health and Safety Officer
H& or another staff member immediately.
To report non urgent damage or items in your hall not working, please put in a PRT via
Reporting Urgent Damage/Concerns:
Please contact the Duty Officer on 07880557751 during office hours. If out of hours, please inform the Duty Residential Assistant on 07880 557796.


We hope our halls of residence will become your new home-awayfrom-home. . Members of staff and Freshers’ Angels will be on hand, to help your big move go as smoothly as possible.  Moving in day can be busy so we ask you to drive carefully and slowly around the campus to the student car park.


Security Staff work 24 hours on a rota basis.
There is a swipe door access system to all main campus entrance doors, including Halls of Residence. Please do not leave ground floor windows,  front doors or corridor doors wedged open or allow food delivery or other delivery people to enter the Halls. Instead, please arrange to collect any deliveries at the Hall entrance. Don’t leave money or credit cards lying around; all bedrooms have a safe. Be vigilant and report any suspicious activity or people to a member of staff.


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The RAs are members of staff who live onsite and are available from 5:15pm – midnight, Monday to Friday and from 6am – 6pm at weekends and support residents in emergencies such as first aid, fire alarms, antisocial behaviour and if ever you find yourself locked out. They are on duty one night each week and you may see the RAs in their other roles during the day. Call then out of office hours on 07880 557796

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Tracey Coop
Strutt House

Senior Warden 

Lives in Strutt House 

Based in L28 ext. 25728


"Hi I am Tracey Coop, the Senior Warden. During the day, I sit in the Wellbeing Team and I manage the Residential Student Support Team (RSST) who work in the evenings and weekends. I live on campus and have two ginger dogs who you may see wandering about with me, so do come and say hi if you see us.

Caroline Farr
Tabor 1 ground floor 

Deputy Senior Warden 

Tabor Warden

Lives in Tabor 1 Flat


"Hi am Caroline Farr, the Deputy Senior Warden, I work alongside Tracey to manage the RSST and during the day I am a Lecturer in Equine. I live in Tabor 1 Flat and I am the Residential Assistant for Tabor Halls. You may see me around campus with my little Jack Russell, Roxy in tow.

Residential Assistant

Tracy-Anne Rider
Strutt South Ground floor 
Untitled design.png

Residential Assistant

Ella Lorck-Shierning
Gill first floor

Residential Assistant 


Dent 1 first floor
Dr. Hannah Scott Browne
Strutt North Ground floor

Residential Assistant


Residential Assistant

Elliot Wollen
Hamilton 1 first floor


Residential Student Support Officers (RSSO)

Rox Holt

Residential Student Support Officers (RSSO)

Fran Newland
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