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Writtle University College is situated two miles from the city centre of Chelmsford and just a few minutes walk from the main bus route through Writtle village.
There are several transport options for students attending Writtle University College. The most popular are:
Post-16 Council Schemes
Post-16 Transport Scheme for Further Education Students
Students can apply for Post-16 transport assistance from Essex County Council if you are under 19 at the beginning of the academic year and met their criteria. Students will need to apply direct to Essex County Council for eligibility.

Each council has its own transport policy, and the above information relates only to students living within Essex. We therefore suggest that you contact the council, specific to where you live to discuss schemes operating in your area. Information sheet below.

Scholar Season Ticket
Discounted rail travel when travelling to Writtle University College by train
Great Anglia Railway offer a discounted rate for travel to Writtle University College by rail.
First Essex Buses
Discounted Travel on First Bus Services Essex
Writtle University College have been liaising with First Bus Essex to provide discounted travel on First Bus Essex Transport Service and we are pleased to offer all Writtle University College students a discounts with the Student Travel Club.

Please contact the Writtle College Transport office with details on how to obtain a passcode to register. Transport office

Tele: 01245 424262 Email:

Writtle University College Mini-bus Service
Chelmsford Station to Writtle University College

Writtle University College currently operates a shuttle bus service from and to Chelmsford Railway/Bus Station area on a first come first served basis during Further Education term dates only. The shuttle buses stop in Coval Lane, Chelmsford (by the City Council offices approximately 0.3 miles from the train station). No fee or prior booking is necessary. 


MORNING - (Coval Lane – WUC)   8:00 to 9:15 am - Mon-Fri - Full service

DAY SERVICE - (WUC – Coval Lane)   10 am to 3:00 pm - Mon-Fri – Limited service

EVENING SERVICE - (WUC – Coval Lane)    3:00 to 6:00 pm - Mon-Fri - Full service

(Note: Last minibus from Cow Watering Campus 17:50 pm. Service times will be published nearer start of the Academic Year)

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Whether you are looking at starting a College course with us or a University course, below are some useful documents on travel discounts available for students.


Students who are experiencing financial difficulty must apply to their local County Council for assistance in the first instance (Post 16 Transport).  If students are unable to get financial assistance from their Local County Council, they can apply for help (up to 50%) from the WUC means-tested bursary fund. Application forms will be available from August 2023. For details contact us by clicking the button below.



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