Writtle University College (WUC) recognises that for you to get the most out of your time at university college, it is important that you, and us, consider and look after your wellbeing.  WUC have significantly invested in its student wellbeing services over the last few years. 


The core services we now provide include:


  • General wellbeing support

  • Counselling & specialist mental health support

  • Residential out of hours student support – more info on this is available here

  • Safeguarding advice, help and action

  • Sexual Violence Liaison Officers to support survivors of sexual violence

  • Spiritual and pastoral support via our Chaplain

  • Disabled Students’ Allowance (DSA) Specialist Mentoring

  • Wellbeing events & initiatives throughout the year (including bringing therapy dogs on to campus to meet our students)

  • Referrals & signposting to other specialist agencies that can help/support our students

  • Development & provision of wellbeing related self-help resources/information & online mental health support – including providing free access to platforms such as Togetherall

  • Running training sessions such as Student Minds Look After Your Mate


Please download and watch our wellbeing presentation to find out more!

Writtle University College has partnered with the mental fitness app Fika during the COVID-19 outbreak, enabling you to benefit from an additional resource to help you stay motivated, productive, focused and connected.   

Fika has created a dedicated series of programmes to help combat some of the challenges of remote study and the mental health impact of everything that’s going on.   Take part in Fika’s daily community mental fitness workout.  Share your experiences, learn from other members of the community and cheer each other on. 

  1. Access to Fika’s COVI-19 package is free for all WUC students. 

  2. Download the Fika app from the app store or google play and tap ‘get started for free’.  

  3. Search for Writtle University College, enter your Writtle email address and a desired password.  

  4. Check your inbox for a verification email and click the link. 

  5. Complete registration and enjoy Fika.






Find out more about our wellbeing team and how they can assist you throughout your time at Writtle University College



Visit our moodle page to find out more about our services and help available. This is where you will find the link you need to refer yourself into the Wellbeing team’s services for help/advice.

Residential Student Support

Resident students have access to 24 hour support from a dedicated team of Residential Student Support Officers (RSSOs) and Wardens. The team is here through the night and at weekends to assist with any emergencies and pastoral support needs you may have, from being locked out to needing 1:1 wellbeing meetings. RSSOs also run a series of events throughout the year to try and ensure that you get the most out of residential student life at WUC.



Togetherall is a multi-award winning digital mental health and wellbeing service, offering safe, anonymous online support available 24/7.  All WUC students have free access using their Writtle email addresses.  Togetherall offers a range of therapeutic pathways, including peer and professional support and creative self-expression. There is also a range of evidence-based online courses, tips and clinical tests on topics including managing anxiety, positive thinking, smoking cessation and weight management. Togetherall counsellors are online at all times to moderate the service and provide further support.